Reconstruction of SS 220/35/10 kV “Berezan” for connection of “Voskhod-solar” SES

Project features


Reconstruction of SS 220/35/10 kV “Berezan” for connection of “Voschod-Solar” SES of installed capacity of 60 MW, to Ukrainian energy system.



Period of work:

December 2017 – October 2018

Place of work:

Berezanka town, Berezansky district, Mykolaiv region

Project description

Elmico LLC as the general contractor  performed works on editing project documentation and organized  the reconstruction of substation 220/35/10 kV “Berezan” southern electric power system SE NEK “Ukrenergo” as part of the connection of the solar power plant “Voskhod-solar” with installed capacity of 60 MW to the power system of Ukraine.

Within realization of the project on substation was built new OPU building construction of a new OPU building with external and internal finishing was completed at the substation, construction of emergency collection tank of transformer oil and two tanks of fire water supply, reconstruction and expansion of 220 kV switchgear and 35 kV switchgear with full replacement of the construction part and installation of high-voltage equipment of foreign and domestic manufacturers, construction of KRPZ-10, installed second transformer with a capacity of 63MVA, accomplished complete replacement of equipment for own needs of DC and AC substations with the installation of shields and batteries.

Completed installation and commissioning of secondary relay protection devices based on the terminals “Diamant”, REL, RET, REU, RED, REC. Organized high-frequency channels for the operation of line protection and emergency automation between adjacent substations on the basis of command transmission equipment “KALYNA”. Performed installation and adjustment of the automated control system of technological process (APCS), system of the account of the electric power (ASOE) of local level with integration into regional level of the southern region. According to the project, complex security system was installed and put into operation, which consists of: access systems to the facility, fire alarm, security and technological video surveillance.

The construction of a fiber-optic cable communication line was completed and information transmission channels from the substation were organized.

The work was carried out in accordance with the current building codes and regulations, according to the developed project documentation and the terms of the concluded contract, with the proper quality and on time. At the same time, in the course of the work, the customer’s wishes were taken into account as much as possible, modern construction materials and advanced technologies were used, the supplied equipment meets all modern reliability requirements.

The facility was put into exploitation in a short time, established by the schedule of completion of works.