About Tyco Electronics

Tyco electronics is the world’s leading manufacturer of components for energy and electronics. In 2009, the company’s sales exceeded $ 10 billion. The company has more than 200,000 customers in 150 countries. In 13 research centers of Taiko electronics work about 7000 engineers, creating new materials and designs, and received in the course of more than 16,000 patents.Every year, Tyco electronics aims at scientific objectives and the development of more than 600 million US$. The result of this investment is the fact that currently 34% of our sales are products developed over the last 3 years. Production facilities located in 25 countries and an extensive network of sales offices are an important advantage for our customers.The Department of Energy belongs to one of the divisions of Taiko electronics and is engaged in the development and production of products for energy. Currently, the Department of Energy has more than 4,000 people, and its annual turnover is more than $ 800 million.

Our products are widely used all over the world in power systems and power grids, industrial enterprises and Railways, electrical equipment manufacturing plants.Tyco electronics is a leading global manufacturer of valves for low, medium and high voltage. We develop and release:- Cable fittings – Connectors and linear fittings – metal oxide surge arresters (OPN)- Polymeric insulators – systems of strengthening of isolation.Constant innovation and improvement of cable fittings vital part of your world based on 50-year-old experience of independent development of materials, development of designs, testing and production. The result is our key technologies, such as heat shrinkable, elastomeric, filler, gel, as well as manufacturing technology of connectors and tips.

A variety of technologies vital part of your world allows us to offer optimal solutions for each iznasi customers.The global network of engineering centers, factories and representative offices of Taiko electronics, located on 5 continents, makes it possible to optimize production costs, respond quickly to customer requests and reduce the delivery time of products.